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The Courage to be Happy

June / July 2021

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” said Winston Churchill enigmatically, on the eve of one of the most dramatic pages of our contemporary history. With the initiative “The Courage to Be Happy” we would like to restore confidence in our territory, in our Le Vallette district, so that people can meet and smile again.

A summer festival of live shows, meetings, walkscapes, offered free to all citizens. Between June and July, a busy schedule of events: the live entertainment evenings are accompanied by many events for family and children, with creative activities, animated readings, walkscapes in the architecture and history of the neighborhood and much more…

Concert / Syndone

Friday 11 June | h.21.oo

Theatre / Anomalia Teatro

Saturday 12 June | h.21.oo

Visual Comedy / Luigi Ciotta

Friday 18 June| h.21.oo

Outdoor Cinema

Saturday 19 June | h.21.oo

Performance / Netto-Castaldo

Friday 25 June | h.21.oo

Theatre / Marchisio-Bartoli

Saturday 26 June | h.21.oo

Theatre / Melarancio

Friday 2 July | h.21.oo

Outdoor Cinema

Saturday 3 July | h.21.oo

Theatre / Settimo Cielo

Friday 9 July | h.21.oo

Concert / Torpedo Blu

Saturday 10 July | h.21.oo

Theatre / Marco Gobetti

Friday 16 July | h.21.oo

Outdoor Cinema

Saturday 17 July | h.21.oo

FREE ENTRY under reservation to all the events.
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t. +39.011.7399833 | +39.011.5881853 | m. +39.375.5595428

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