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Saturday 19th Oct h.15/20

Passa da Casa

Passa da Casa is the first opening day of cdq Vallette Community Hub.

An opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences and discover all the activities and future projects.

Saturday 26th Oct h.21

Arte Trensitiva AiR

“Abattoir Blues” – Luigi Ciotta (To);

“Lavare Stanca” – Carovana SMI (Ca);

Tuesday 29th Oct h.16.30

Incontri Illuminanti

Enlightening encounters with contemporary art, dedicated to the theme Signs, Signals, Symbols, connected to the luminous art work Love makes no noise by Luca Pannoli.

Soc. Coop. Stalker Teatro – p. iva 05185490017
Sede legale: via morghen 34 – 10143 torino (it)
Sede operativa: officine caos – p.zza Montale 18 – 10151 To (it) |
t. +39.011.7399833 | f. +39.011.733605

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