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A journey to discover contemporary art

Metropolitan Art” is a bridge between performing arts and contemporary art, an exciting journey through works of art and live performances, where visitors are the protagonists of a collective adventure.

It is an innovative project for education, training, research, and artistic production, including laboratory and performance activities, museum visits, and the arrangement of performative/exhibitory spaces.

An exciting journey

Contemporary art, on a national and international level, is one of the cultural aspects that most characterizes the territory of northwestern Italy, and in particular Turin: from the important artistic movements of the 1960s to the first experiences of community theater, with theatrical animation in the 1970s, to the experimentation of different disciplines in the following years.

In this artistic and social context, the “Metropolitan Art” project is born; a unique initiative, organized into different activities: guided visits to contemporary, modern, and ancient art museums; workshops for raising awareness of performing arts; production of multidisciplinary events with citizens of the territory; production of interactive exhibitions; advocacy and networking activities with prestigious cultural centers and events in Italy and abroad.