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Arte Transitiva Air

January / December 2024

An ideal place for artists to develop their research and their skills; a space to enhance processes of development and definition of artistic work.

Equipped spaces, guest house, tutoring and advising.

At the end of the residency period we ask artists to return their experience with a presentation of a study / performance of the research carried out.

This main activity of AiR is strengthen by other actions (shows, workshops, meetings) with the aim of enhancing the residency results and tring to link the artists’ work to the territory and the people who live there.



January 2024


Nina Traub

March 2024


Cie La Bagarre

April 2024


Mica Kupfer

April 2024


Le Api Randage

June/September 2024


Alessandra Marino

June/July 2024

VARIAZIONE n.1 Sorelle di Damiano

July 2024


L. Gabrieli

July/August 2024

The artists in residence were chosen on the basis of three main criteria: the national “Cura” call (to which about 200 national subjects have signed up), the “Caos” international call (to which over 400 national and international subjects have signed up) and scouting activities in the area.

The projects selected in 2024 are:

ANGRY HOUR – Sööt/Zeyringer (Austria);
FEMINA – Riccardo Giovinetto (IT);
PASSING THROUGH – Lucrezia Gabrieli (IT);
VARIAZIONE NO.1 – Sorelle di Damiano (IT);
MOUNTAIN – Nina Traub (IL);
LILA – Cie La Bagarre (IT);
ATTITUDES – Mica Kupfer (IL);
“KEVIN” – Le Api Randagie (IT);
“ONISM” – Alessandra Marino (IT);
SENZA FILTRI – Piera Principe (IT).

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