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officine CAOS crew

We are a crew of passionate and competent people who do their best to always offer the best; we believe that culture, the one that brings people together, that is for everyone and that makes you fall in love, that culture, can change your life in an instant and forever!

Art Director

Gabriele Boccacini


Executive Director

Adriana Rinaldi

Project Manager

Stefano Bosco


Cristina Botta



Jessica Donato


Elisa Rocchietti

Tec Manager

Dario Prazzoli


Tec Director

Giorgio Peri

Community Hub Manager

Donato Luigi Bruni

Social Media Manager

Alessia Sportiello

Community Developer

Miriana Angilletta

Community Developer

Giulia Morlino


Caterina Schiavoni


Press and Communications

Claudia Apostolo


Roberto Scandolera


About officine CAOS

“Beautiful atmosphere very livable place for all ages, interesting shows” – Franco Fassio

“Very interesting environment, large and very suggestive spaces” – Attia Rosellini

“A place of culture in Turin suburbs is certainly an excellent point of reference” – Anna Rollero

“Very interesting festivals … Emotions … Beauty” – Valeria Stefanini

“Very nice and well kept place and very helpful people” – Luisa Serra

“A theater located in the outskirts. An crucial space for the City” – Adriana Zamboni

“Performances linked to the territory. Research and avant-garde. Not to be missed” – Max Music

“A place for everyone” – Francesca Piccione

(From spontaneous comments on Google My Business | average rating 4.4)


EFFE label 2019 – 2021 | Europe for festivals, Festivals for Europe (Bruxelles – BE)

Selected for Culturability 2020-2022 open call (Bologna – IT)

“Exhibit Program” contest winner 2020 (Rome – IT)