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Hani Dance (DE/LU)

Sabato 25 febbraio | dalle 11 alle 12.30 | presso Officine CAOS.

Workshop di danza contemporanea condotto dalla compagnia Hani Dance, rivolto a giovani (over 18) neo-professionisti o amatori.

La partecipazione è gratuita; per iscriversi è necessario compilare questo form. Invieremo via email la conferma di partecipazione.

Hani Dance is a Luxembourgish-German Movement Art company that was founded in 2016 in Germany and moved to Luxembourg City in 2021. Hani Dance loves to work with international dancers from all over the world to combine different cultural perspectives and beliefs through sharing intercultural ideas in order to create organic and innovative dance pieces. Hani essentially explores concepts such as power, dynamism, spirit, and mind using tools such as nude art, contemporary dance, and visual art.


Saeed Hani’s workshop is an improvisation-based communal movement experience. Dancers begin by exploring rhythmic, shake-based movements in close proximity to one another, awakening their sensitivity through communal vibration. With this awareness, they begin to manipulate one another’s bodies, exploring listening as both manipulators and manipulation to find a productive relationship between release and engagement. Hani also works often with contagious qualities, in which dancers infect each other with elements of their own movement research. This is a practice of connecting and receiving, in which the dancers can explore themselves further by analyzing and digesting the qualities of another.


Sabato 25 febbraio dalle h.11 alle h.12.30
Presso officine CAOS. Piazza Montale 18. Torino
Gratuito. Posti limitati. Richiesta di iscrizione obbligatoria.